lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

I started this year with a lot of expectation, because people’ve been talking a lot about it. But nothing special’s happened to me, of course. Anyway, it’s been a good year. I started learning new things at college, like Psychoanalysis. I also took Afro dance lessons, which I’ve been doing since last year.  On my winter vacations I went backpacking whit friends to a quiet and beautiful place, called “Budi Lake”, in the south. I met a lot of people, and almost everybody were Mapuche. Also, since 2011 I’m on a political and social movement, which brings together a lot of homeless people (people who live whit relatives because they don’t have a chance to buy their own), who’ve been organizing since 2006 to fight for better living conditions. They have a lot of work in Peñalolén, where the real estate business grows up but nothing gets better for most of the people who work and live there. I work with them and I amaze every day to see how organization, cooperation and fight are the best way to stop the abuse and unfairness in this country.

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  1. Vale, I think it's really cool you are working in Peñalolén. I also believe organization is the way to encourage this unfair country.

    Changing the subject, where did you take afro classes? In 2010 I took some classes near Santa Isabel station. :D


  2. I took on Ebano's dance academy in Plaza Egaña, but know there are classes here! in Science, is a great teacher. It's on mondays from 18:00 to 20:00

    1. :O that's great! But I'm actually very busy... and I want to take yoga classes this semester, I really love taking classes of different disciplines...
      why did you gave up dancing afro??

  3. You're so optimist of this year! :D that's so good. I also went to backpacking but to the north, to "valle del elqui" I wanted to go to south, I hope that in summer I could achieve this.

  4. I always wants to prove Afro dance, I think is exciting and fun!

  5. Congratulations on the work you do, is a really neat project.

  6. hi valentina
    how is the budi lake? I know that there are swans still living in that place
    do you think that afro dance is suitable for me?

  7. congrats on your work! I think it is good to see that still it is the "common" people like us who make the most significant changes.