lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

I remember two of my Independence holidays as the best, but one of them was in Peru (who were like any other vacations) so I’m going to talk about the other one.
Last year I stayed on Santiago and I organized with my friends a popular fonda, especially dedicated for kids, but with a lot of families invited. We played games with the little ones, like sack race, miracle fishing, and bowling. We also had food stands, and we made kites.  At the end a professional group came and danced cueca. I really enjoy that afternoon, because we saw people having fun and it was a warm and beautiful day. It was great the fact that we had organized all that and it came out so good.
Later that day, a friend of mine invited all of us who had been in the fonda, to her house to celebrate the holidays. We brought the meat left (which was fine, but really I don’t eat much meat) and we make pebre and piscolas. She had at that time a lovely house in Lo Cañas, in La Florida, with a really large backyard, so we soon start dancing. At the late night more and more people came, so we end up being 60 people or more. It was such a fun day; we danced until 6 or 7 in the morning!
I went home at that hour, ate with my family, and moved quickly to another popular fonda we had organized. This one didn’t come so good, because we were all so tired haha. Later that day, after a few Terremotos (or Earthquakes?) we went back to my friend’s house so we could keep dancing. The entire week passed a little like that, but it’s too much to tell…

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  1. "a few terremotos" i think that "a lot of terremotos" jajajajaja

  2. HI! yes, I went to the zoo in Mendoza hahaha, I am not really interested in the Fiestas Patrias so I like these celebrations because we have a lot of time to spend in everything that we want to do

  3. It's nice to see that there are people who cares for something else (like to make children happy) than to get drunk on these foolish celebrations...