lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


I’ve lived almost my whole life here, but my impression about Santiago has changed over time. Lately I’ve been thinking this city is wonderful, because people who live here are… special. Some places keep a “neighborhood life”; families sharing, talking or watching each other’s kids. This city has a lot of history. What I don’t like about Santiago is that is a very unequal city, the resources are bad distributed, and people are really apart from each other.  I think that has a reason, is not a “natural distribution”, but we are so far from where the decisions are taken, that we feel is natural. I would like Santiago to become a city where we all fit, and where there were no unfair situations, as we see today. For that a change needs to be done, and that depends on us.
I would recommend foreign people to see Santiago as it is: a strong city, whose people work very hard (despite what some says) full of life and hopes. But is also a hard place to live in, with a lot of contradictions. 

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  1. I also think that santiago it's a hard place to live, it's full of stressed people

  2. I also think that this is a nice place but also have to changes many things!

  3. i agree with that Santiago has a lot of History, and this is very important for all ! :)

  4. Hi! I like to read your post because it's like another perspective that mine, I'm agree with you when you say that Santiago has a lot of History... and when you say that the people are really apart from each other.

  5. Hi vale! I agree with you... I think Santiago is a very unequal city because the resources are not distributed as they should be. But also I think that happens in almost every city of Chile, but maybe in Santiago it’s more obvious because it’s a big city. Well.. and that’s really sad.
    I would like things change too and I also think it depends on us! So let’s work for it!..