lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

I’ m going to talk about my sister, Catalina, because she is one of my favorites persons. She isn’t just my sister, she is a good friend. She’s sixteen, so that’s how long we’ve met.
She is younger, and of course we don’t do everything together. She has her friends and I have mine. But we talk about a lot of stuffs, we share our personal lives. It’s nice to have someone to talk to at the end of the day; when I’m tired, angry or disappointed from my own friends, I always can talk to her and we end up laughing. We also share good news, our joys and fine days. She is a great company.
The truth is that I don’t see her as much as I want to, because we are both very busy. She likes history, so she does research at school. She is very smart. She is also very pretty, so she is always suffering from love, but because she has too many options! Ha-ha –ha.
Anyway, when we finally get together (at weekends usually) we have a lot of fun. This Saturday we saw a movie called “Libertarias”.  Other times we have a drink, go to walk, or just chat.
The best part of our relationship is that we’ve lived so many things together. For all this years she’s been my partner on family meetings, trips, and weekends. I really love my sister! J

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  1. Hi Vale! :D your sister sounds really nice.. just like you(uii haha):D. I understand you really well, I have a little brother.. well he is twenty, so it's not that 'little'.. and we are very close. I think sisters and brothers are the biggest friends you could ever had!.


  2. I would wish to have a relationship with my sister such good like yours

  3. Yo también tengo una hermana, y es bastante especial.
    Es una mujer sumamente inteligente,pero además con una mirada hacia la vida muy hermosa, muy genuina. Es muy bonita, pero además muy real para desenvolverse en su cotidianeidad. Es hermosa por dentro y por fuera, es una mujer muy fuert e y valiente, de esas que uno admira y dan ganas de observar.. Es independiente, persistente y se las juega por lo que quiere.. Es realmente pura y auténtica; muy lejana a caer en la vida monotona y rutinaria; libre frente a la diaria experiencia.
    Pero lo más importante, es que es mi hermanita, y que me hace muy feliz

    Te amo con toda mi alma :)

  4. how nice! my sister is a very good friend too, we do many things together!