lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012


My first day at psychology wasn’t much fun. I remember feeling really nervous and uncomfortable. In my mind it also was a hot and sticky day, but maybe I made that up.
That day all of us who had chosen this career were together. It felt like we were thousands. I sat with a girl I’ve met before - I think taking the english test, but I’m not sure – and that made me feel less worried. Her name is Natalie and until today I feel thankful for that day we share.  
During the whole day teachers came and introduced their working lines. They told us general stuff related to Psychology, and some of them told weird stories. One teacher made us walk all over the room playing games; others had us sitting in a round. I remember it as a boring and lazy day.
Later we all went to the grass and sat there to drink and chat. When I just got into the University I was shy and I didn’t felt Ok in groups I didn’t know. I look back and I almost can’t believe because I really enjoy being in groups know, but at the beginning it was hard. So there are not really happy or fun memories.

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  1. Jajaja, I also found my first day very boring! I believe that university changes us all, but your change is really positive!

  2. Hi vale, i'm going to post u even though i already did my 4 comments...haha. It was very sad to read u! :( i'm sorry you've had a bad first day at University.. but im sure it was getting better. =)
    Hugs! <3