lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

I remember a good gift, and actually it wasn’t on my birthday. A long time ago (I was about fourteen) I went on vacation to Viña del Mar.  I went with a friend, my family, and friends of my brothers.
Well, it turns out that my saint’s day (Valentine’s day) happens to be very difficult to forget, so my mom has always had the tradition of giving me big presents or great days, as if it was my birthday. That year I went to bed the night before, and when I woke up the whole house was decorated. But this time my mom had nothing to do with it, my sister (who I talked about a few posts ago) had the idea of setting up the house as it was my birthday. She was very young then (8 or 9 years) and she made big sheets and put streamers, balloons, she made draws. My friend helped her because she found it so cute. My sister, Cata, also bought me presents at the fair: earrings, a bracelet, a hat, and a little purse. (Of course none of that exists now) They weren’t much expensive things, but for her it must cost a fortune. Later that day my mom invited all of us for lunch. It was a great day, and it showed me how much my sister cared about me J

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  1. oooh your sister is (or was) really really cute *.*. I think you're lucky..=)
    and I hadn't realized that your saint is on Valentine's day haha. XD . i will greet you next time.

    Bye bye dear classmate <3

  2. Your sister it is very cute, and your family too.. What a nice present!

  3. That's pretty great, isn't? It's like having two birthday at the year!

  4. You have a very nice family! and was a nice gift too.