lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Julian Assange

This case has had an international impact and it has made us all questioning some stuff. It's known that the greatest powers of Occident are afraid of people discovering their secrets and activities: those secrets have kept them where they are. So, now we have had the chance to witness how this “empire bosses” respond when someone threats that privileged position.
I don’t have much information about the truth of the accusations, but I have no doubt that those who have looked themselves in danger, are capable of doing anything to protect their benefits. 
I think that Ecuador has characterized for been one of the most open and democratic place of America Latina; the laws and the politics are directed to include the citizens on the decisions, especially in subjects related to communication. Ecuador has a very good politic in terms of mass media, so it’s not weird that their President support and defend someone who is hunt, precisely, for opening filed information to the world.

2 comentarios:

  1. It's good to have countries like Ecuador where you don't have to be afraid of telling the truth because of the “empire bosses”.

  2. Hi! I really don't know if Ecuador is like you say, I think that Venezuela could be one of these countries :)
    But the decision of Ecuador it's the right, because he's not guilty :D