jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009


The first graph shows that the highest percentage of the people who were asked, feels their level of happiness is about five, of ten. This could tell us that people in Butan are not extremely happy about their lives, but they aren’t unhappy either. This is very important, because policy makers could work on improving these levels.
The second graph talks about life quality.
We can see that the majority of those polled thinks they’re neither poor nor good, meaning their life quality could be better but is not bad. We can make the relation with the other graph, because people answered about their level of happiness in a very similar way: in the middle.
I think that is very important to consider that although these answers are very important, we can’t know if the results are extremely trustworthy, because people moods changes and they may respond according to what they’re feeling in a certain moment of their lives. To know the accuracy of this survey we would have to find about the details about the questions, and how the levels were measure. Anyway, the graphs tell us that they’re some changes that could be made to improve people happiness level and life quality, and this could be a good idea for later studies

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