jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Elisabeth and William


Elisabeth Turner is a woman whose husband was dead at the horrible accident of 9/11. The worst part of it, is at that time, she was seven months' pregnant, so her husband never got to meet his son.
This news tell how Elisabeth and William (her son) have found some peace and joy after this terrible event, and how Elisabeth has been able to raise him alone, with the figure of a father who dies so sudden, and couldn’t even meet his own son.
I chose this news because I think that a lost like that is related to my area, Psychology, and because it has some really important elements.
For example, Elisabeth tells how in their family they cry, so they don’t hide the sadness, but there is also joy and happiness. I think that is very important, to assume the accidents that make our lives harder, but still being able to enjoy good times. That is a very good perspective to work with as a psychologist.
Another great thing is that both mother and son talk and share their feelings and thoughts, and that is the best healing, to find a way to release the pain.
Also, Elisabeth doesn’t look back regretting what she didn’t get; she looks ah the future and enjoys the moments whit her son. I think that that is a good way of dealing with hard stuffs; not acting like they didn’t happen, instead, assuming them as a part of a new life.

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