jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

¿What type of topics would you like to write about this semester?

This semester I would like to write about current stuffs, things that have something to do with our environment. For example, we could comment some news that were published any week; writing what we think of that, who are the main characters involve, and developing good comments or opinions.

We could also write about our taste in music or books. It would be interesting to describe the books we’ll be reading at the time. We could tell something about the plot or even write a review of it.

I think these topics are interesting because it’s always necessary to observe and analyze the society; especially when we are expecting to be Social Scientists some day.

When it comes to books, I guess that is fun to describe the stuff you care about, if you give some time to reading is a good topic to write about. It’s also a good way of complementing your reading; you learn more and have a best comprehension.

I think that lighter topics are a good idea to; describe your day, the music you like, your family or your friends. During the semester we should complement both ideas: write about serious subjects and to distract writing easy things.

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