lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

I’ve voted since I turned eighteen. But the truth is that I didn’t really believe that my vote would count for anything. Despite what teacher wrote is true, and people who have political positions, like mayors or senators, take big decisions for our country, the way elections are planed really don’t respond to any democratic way, and actually they legitimize an absolutely filthy way of taking decisions.
It terrifies me how strong are we tied to this system, its laws and rules. For example, the polemic “Fish law” who is almost ready; people who were chosen “In democracy” vote for a law who is destroying our country. But we don’t have much choice because Binominal and political parties make sure we have really few candidates.
Anyway, these elections I actually vote for someone I believed in. Like I told some post ago, I work in Peñalolen, on a political and social movement, which brings together a lot of homeless people. They organized and called people in the whole country, syndicates, students, all kinds of social movements and create a new party, named “Igualdad”. In Peñalolen we had ten candidates, all workers and settlers, who were willing to face up all the vultures from the Municipality to bring the voice of poor people in the commune.
This is the second time we go to an election, and the second time we win. Even thought I keep thinking the same about elections in general, I think people in Peñalolen have demonstrated that we can use a councilor to get stronger, and to fight for the commune. This, of course, as we keep being fighters outside the Municipality

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